A Hormone Genius Mini-Course

Become the genius of your hormones with Jamie and Teresa from the Hormone Genius Podcast!


A five-module course that will review a number of hormone health tid-bits! SALE $20 until December 31, 2022! *******PLEASE NOTE: After registering, please check your "spam folder" if you do not see your course sign-in info. If you still have troubles after registering, go to www.hormonegenius.com/login and click on "forgot password" to reboot the process :)


Module 1

This module will review the five signs that may indicate that you have low progesterone.

Module 2

This module is about estrogen dominance and natural ways to address excess estrogen.

Module 3

This module will review five ways to naturally address PCOS.

Module 4

This module will review the five signs that might mean you are not ovulating.

Module 5

This module will review the five questions to ask your doctor at your next well-visit appt!

Bonus Module!

Five ways to keep your "vag" healthy!

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