Ep. 3 | The State of Women's Healthcare

Jamie and Teresa will be discussing the state of women's healthcare in our culture. Women in the United States are largely unsatisfied with the approach to women's healthcare. We will dive into the question of what women's healthcare is currently and what it should be. There is a knowledge and foundation in women's health that every woman deserves and we want to empower women to take charge of their health by learning the beauty and truth of the feminine design. The birth control pill is often used as a "band-aid" to treat issues surrounding the menstrual cycle and close to half of women on birth control are taking it for a medical reason. Often young women are put on the pill at very young ages for everything from irregular cycles, unusual bleeding, acne and cramps. When it comes to actual diseases and women's health problems, all women deserve to find the underlying root cause of disease, and to have answers and options that are cooperative and restorative to their hormonal health.

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