Ep. 4 | Get To Know Teresa Kenney

Hi, I am Teresa Kenney and I am the co-creator of The Hormone Genius Podcast. Today's episode is a get to know me a little better podcast, that will allow you to understand my expertise, my passions, and how I came to love everything related to women's healthcare, natural fertility and the beauty and gift of women. I have been a women's health nurse practitioner for over 20 years, and I have learned so much from my patients and their stories, their struggles, and their strength in overcoming many conditions in women's health. I am married to the most awesome husband, Dan, who has supported me in everything (by the way he wrote the book Dad Genius which really gives you the real story of our lives). Together we have a big, crazy family with 8 kids; Anna, Isaac, Jude, Brendan, Daniel, Rachel, Fulton and Joshua. My experiences of being a wife, mother and career woman have formed me into being the best healthcare provider I can be. I hope you enjoy this short look into my life journey. 

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