Ep. 25 | Teaching Your Daughter the Basics of Her Fertility; Interview with Kari Beadner CFCP

Kari Beadner is a wholistic women’s health advocate. She is a leading expert in equipping parents to bring joy to the beautiful season of puberty/adolescence of their daughters. At the age of 31, Kari learned for the first time that her body was made GOOD and that there are effective natural methods of family planning that do not include the birth control pill. She became a practitioner of the Creighton Model FertilityCare system in 2012 and leads a team of 5 FertilityCare practitioners at Ashwood FertilityCare Center. Kari is now the national coordinator of the Guiding Star Cycle Show and the author of a new online mother/daughter course called “Charting Health for Young Women". Along the way, Kari’s FertilityCare clients encouraged her to become a certified birth doula, and she has now attended more than 35 births as a doula. Kari and her husband Aaron have 3 young children and call Orange City, IA home. Get Kari's FREE Download "7 Ways to Connect with your Daughter", (  a guide to intentionally connect with your daughter during your epic road trip through puberty and womanhood! 

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