S2 Ep. 1 | The Hormone Genius Season 2 Opener

Are you excited to continue learning about your Hormone Genius? Jamie and Teresa are! In this episode we reminisce on some highlights from season 1 and talk about what is coming up in season 2. Jamie shares about her newest life change: adding a new little girl to their family, and Teresa shares about her summer vacation as well. We want you to cozy in and get to know us even better as we dive into great and informative hormone topics during this next season. From endometriosis and infertility, to intimacy and men, to charting in the postpartum period, we have lots of things to podcast about this year so tune in and share with your friends! 

Medical disclaimer: The information presented in The Hormone Genius Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for actual medical or mental health advice from a doctor, psychologist, or any other medical or mental health professional.