S2 Ep. 2 | Hormone University Founder Ana Herrera

Ana Herrera has a story that will help educate and inspire women across the globe. Ana suffered with excruciating pain for years in her 20's with no answers, no relief, and no diagnosis. Unfortunately, by the time her true diagnosis was revealed (a condition called endometriosis), she was at an advanced stage of disease. She ended up having five surgeries including a full hysterectomy to relieve her pain. After years of emotional and physical turmoil, Ana turned a negative into a positive by founding Hormone University. The goal of this encouraging education platform according to Ana: "My company Hormone University aims to educate women about hormonal imbalances so that they can understand more about their own bodies and how they function." We all know how important it is to be an advocate for our own health, and it takes access to quality information to be able to speak on our own behalf. Endometriosis affects about ten percent of women and can take on average 4 to 10 years to accurately diagnose. By empowering women with education, Hormone University is an essential tool for giving women access to quality care they deserve.

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