S2 Ep. 3 | Ellen Virginia Discovers the Heart of Healing

Ellen Virginia is a wife and mother of seven children (four on earth and three in heaven), and has been through much loss and incredible suffering. She's also been on a difficult health journey that led her to seek and find answers to mysterious and debilitating symptoms. Through her own journey of restoring hope and healing, she was inspired to help other women. As Ellen states, "After having four babies in four years with three miscarriages in between, the more women I talk to, the more I realize what a need there is for this validation, of sorts — that being open to life doesn’t mean 'having all the babies'. In fact it’s kind of limiting to think that the only way women can bear life is through physical birth". Through her journey she was inspired to launch a ministry supporting and encouraging women to advocate for themselves, not only on their family planning journeys, but also through career changes, and especially when seeking better healthcare. 

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