S2 Ep. 4 | Body Literacy Expert and Fertility Coach Melissa Buchan

We welcome Melissa Buchan, founder of Virtus Fertility Care, to The Hormone Genius Podcast. Melissa is a Fertility Coach and understands the connection between body literacy and a strong marital relationship. Fifteen years in the Fertility Awareness arena, her passion for coaching and advocating for women and couples paved the path to her new program Chart Your Cycle. Chart Your Cycle is an online coaching platform empowering women around the world to know their bodies, confidently practice NFP, and advocate for their own reproductive healthcare. Melissa is married to her best friend and biggest supporter, Kris. The couple’s journey into NFP is a story of physical and spiritual healing and a central aspect of their relationship. They truly believe that living a charting lifestyle is so much more than family planning. It is a prayer of their bodies. 

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