S2 Ep. 22 | Hormones and Essential Oils: Q & A with Jamie

In this episode of The Hormone Genius Podcast, Teresa asks Jamie all about essential oils and their role in women's hormonal health. Essential oils are "trending" these days, and for good reason! Whether you are a skeptic or a fangirl of essential oils, you will walk away from this episode knowing a bit more about what makes a safe essential oil and what doesn't, you will also learn about what to consider when buying essential oils along with application methods of essential oils. Jamie talks about essential oils and hormones specifically, giving oil-specific suggestions for toxic-free cleaning and oil recommendations for various symptoms of hormone imbalance and beyond. If you are wanting to learn more about essential oils and their role within your hormone health you can fill out a free hormone assessment and meet with a FiatLiving Hormone Coach for a free 20 consult. Visit to fill out the hormone form. Jamie is also in the process of creating a training program for women looking to serve others through hormone coaching and hormone ambassadorship through her platform, FiatlLiving. If you are loving what you are learning on this podcast, and are interested in learning more about how to serve women through cycle education and empowerment, reach out to Jamie at with your expressed interest and she will connect you with the next steps to learn more! 

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