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Teresa Kenney, WHNP, MC

A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Naprotechnology trained medical consultant who is passionate about restoring women’s quality of life through holistic care. 

She is a certified medical consultant who works cooperatively with the woman’s cycle and treats the underlying root cause of women’s health issues. 

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Jamie Rathjen, MA, CFCP

A FertilityCare Practitioner and  founder & former director of Guiding Star Cedar Valley, a nationally branded non-profit women's healthcare center.

 Jamie is also passionate about her business called FIATfem where she shares about natural ways to amplify the feminine genius.

Ep. 6 | Overview of the Fertility CYcle

As women we deserve to be educated and empowered about how our bodies work. This episode will be an overview of your fertility cycle, the vital signs of your fertility,  and how your hormones work within the menstrual cycle. Did you know that the last sign that a girl will see before starting menstruation is the presence of cervical mucus? It is the sign of ...

Ep. 5 | PCOS Q&A with Teresa

Are you someone who wants to learn more about the condition known as PCOS? Join  co-hosts Teresa Kenney NP and Jamie Rathjen as we dive into polycystic ovarian syndrome. Jamie will ask Teresa the most important questions surrounding this very prevalent condition that affects up to 1 in 10 women. We will discuss how the answer is not in the actual ovaries, th...

Ep. 4 | Get To Know Teresa Kenney

Hi, I am Teresa Kenney and I am the co-creator of The Hormone Genius Podcast. Today's episode is a get to know me a little better podcast, that will allow you to understand my expertise, my passions, and how I came to love everything related to women's healthcare, natural fertility and the beauty and gift of women. I have been a women's health nurse practiti...

Ep. 3 | The State of Women's Healthcare

Jamie and Teresa will be discussing the state of women's healthcare in our culture. Women in the United States are largely unsatisfied with the approach to women's healthcare. We will dive into the question of what women's healthcare is currently and what it should be. There is a knowledge and foundation in women's health that every woman deserves and we wan...

Ep. 2 | What You Need to Know About Your Period

This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! We are excited to showcase our VERY first rapid fire question and answer with co-host Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Teresa Kenney. If you are wondering what a "normal period" looks like or if you have experienced irregular or abnormal bleeding during your cycle, check out this episode--your mind will be blown as we di...

Ep. 1 | Introduction to the Hormone Genius Podcast

Welcome to The Hormone Genius Podcast! Co-hosts Jamie Rathjen and Teresa Kenney desire to be a voice of hope for women across the world. Their mission is to inspire a new generation of women who are educated and informed about the gift and beauty of the feminine design. Jamie and Teresa want to inspire, inform, and empower their listeners, and to make women ...

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Our mission is to inspire a new generation of women who are educated and informed about the gift and beauty of the feminine design. We want to inspire, inform, and empower our listeners, and to make women the genius of their own hormones!


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