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Teresa Kenney, WHNP, MC

A Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Naprotechnology trained medical consultant who is passionate about restoring women’s quality of life through holistic care. 

She is a certified medical consultant who works cooperatively with the woman’s cycle and treats the underlying root cause of women’s health issues. 

Teresa has also written a book! The Happy Girls Guide to Being Whole. You can purchase the book HERE.

Hey There...

Jamie Rathjen, MA, CFCP

A FertilityCare Practitioner and founder & former director of Guiding Star Cedar Valley, a nationally branded non-profit women's healthcare center.

 Jamie is also passionate about her business, the Fiat Institute where she certifies women to become hormone coaches and have their own at home business empowering women to  understand the beauty and genius of their hormones. 

If you are interested in chatting with Jamie about what it takes to become a hormone coach, set up a time to meet with her HERE.

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Join Teresa and Jamie as they catch up after their summer break and discuss what is to come in season three! Medical disclaimer: The information presented in The Hormone Genius Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for actual medical or mental health advice from a doctor, psychologist, or any other medical or ment...

S2 Ep. 36 | Christina Valenzuela, The Pearl of Cycle Prep

Welcome Christina Valenzuela to the Hormone Genius Podcast! Christina is the owner of Pearl & Thistle, LLC, where she offers lifelong body literacy programming for young women, beginning with cycle education for girls and culminating in NFP instruction for couples. She is super passionate about women understanding their cycles, and finding good news about th...

S2 Ep. 35 | Kicking up the Spontaneity & SPICE in Relationship

Living out your natural fertility in relationship is a beautiful thing. It can also be challenging at times as well. Jamie & Teresa would like to dive in on how fertility awareness and living out natural fertility, can build intimacy in relationship if done well. Just like fertility tracking is a diagnostic tool for our health, fertility tracking can also sh...

S2 Ep. 34 | College FOCUS Students Interviewed on Birth Control & Beyond

Jamie & Teresa took a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska and interviewed several awesome college students attending SEEK, a conference for college students sponsored by FOCUS (fellowship of Catholic University students). Jamie & Teresa have always felt that our target group is the 20 to 30 year old young woman, and empowering her with information about her body. We g...

S2 Ep. 33 | Radical, Bold & Flipping Awesome Motherhood with Abigail Wald

Calling all current and prospective mothers! Jamie & Teresa have an incredible opportunity to speak to a "flipping awesome" mother and parent advice giver, Abigail Wald. Parents come to Abigail Wald when they are tired of getting pushed past their breaking point, and they’re ready to LIKE their highly-sensitive, strong-willed kids as much as they LOVE them. ...

S2 Ep. 32 | Post Birth Control Syndrome & What You Need to Know

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S2 Ep. 31 | Unlocking the Secret Code to the Women's Hormones; Interview with Dave Guetterman

Have you ever wished that men knew more about women's hormones, natural fertility & the feminine design? Do you have a young man in your life that you want to educate, so that he will grow up having a better understanding of the genius of women's hormones? Then you have listen to our first ever interview with a great guy, named Dave Guetterman. Dave sheds li...

S2 Ep. 30 | Opening Up on the Challenges of Natural Fertility Methods

Are you frustrated that everyone else is cheering on fertility awareness and NFP but you are not feeling the same? Do you feel alone in your struggles with living out natural fertility charting? You are not alone, and Jamie & Teresa want to open up about the common challenges that many women & couples experience using natural fertility methods. With everythi...

S2 Ep. 29 | A Self-Made Hormone Genius with Elissa Miller

Have you ever wondered if you could be a self-made hormone genius? Elissa Miller is a woman who did just that, and we are sharing her story from bookkeeper turned fertility awareness advocate and hormone coach. Elissa is a wife and homeschooling mom to four. Her hormone genius passions and interests were ignited when she discovered fertility awareness and ho...

S2 Ep. 28 | Learn about Body Smart Girls with Hannah Cox

Enjoy this next episode with the lovely Hannah Cox who is passionate about young women learning the gift of their bodies. Hanna is a fertility awareness instructor trained in Creighton Model, FEMM and teenFEMM. After realizing how her own body illiteracy as a teen had affected her self esteem and decisions and after working with so many women who had struggl...

S2 Ep. 27 | Dr. Wendie Trubow: Ditching Toxins for Your Health & Happiness

Jamie & Teresa want to introduce YOU to functional medicine gynecologist DR. WENDIE TRUBOW. Let’s face it, at one time or another we’re all a little dirty. In fact, given the prevalence on chronic conditions around the world, we’re all probably a lot dirtier than we’re willing to admit. Issues like joint pain, fatigue, hair loss, eczema and plain old smelly ...

S2 Ep. 26 | Adrenal Fatigue with Former Ms. United States Tiffany Rea

This week, to continue our discussion on adrenal health, we welcome the former Miss United States of America, Tiffany Rea. Tiffany is 25 years old and is currently a student with Liberty University and is working toward her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation, with a minor in Psychology. Working in the Criminal Justice field has ...

S2 Ep. 25 | Stress and Adrenal System with Jamie & Teresa

Do your feel stressed, tired & wired, or just plan exhausted? Do you want to learn how your adrenals are connected to your hormone symphony, and how you can understand how to be in touch with this vital part of your body? Then you want to listen to this episode of the HG podcast, as Jamie & Teresa dive into to the adrenals and how stress can affect YOU! Now ...

S2 Ep. 24 | A Medical Students Passion for Being Whole with Courtney Bostrom

Are you looking into becoming a doctor, a nurse, nurse practitioner, or other healthcare provider? Then you will want to hear this episode. Welcome a beautiful young woman, Courtney Bostrom, to The Hormone Genius Podcast! Courtney is passionate about people, medicine, and dancing. Her current role as a medical student feeds her endless curiosity, “as I learn...

S2 Ep. 23 | A Conversation about Wholistic Feminism with Leah and Sarah

What is Wholistic Feminism? Thanks to our guests Leah Jacobson, founder of the Guiding Start Project, and author of Wholistic Feminism; and Sarah Kopriva, director of The Guiding Star Project in Cedar Valley, you will learn the answer to that question. Join, Jamie and Teresa, today on International Women's Day March 8th, as we celebrate what makes women whol...

S2 Ep. 22 | Hormones and Essential Oils: Q & A with Jamie

In this episode of The Hormone Genius Podcast, Teresa asks Jamie all about essential oils and their role in women's hormonal health. Essential oils are "trending" these days, and for good reason! Whether you are a skeptic or a fangirl of essential oils, you will walk away from this episode knowing a bit more about what makes a safe essential oil and what doe...

S2 Ep. 21 | Nutrition and Fertility with Courtney Warday

Jamie and Teresa take a deep dive into nutrition and fertility in this interview on The Hormone Genius Podcast with Courtney Warday. Courtney is a Registered Dietitian and Fertility Nutrition Coach based in Lincoln Nebraska. She is the owner of Abide with Me Nutrition, a virtual nutrition private practice, that helps physically & spiritually driven women/cou...

S2 Ep. 20 | A Personal Journey of Infertility with Danielle Martens

Have you ever felt alone in your pain with infertility? Does it feel at times that you are the only one given this cross. You are not alone and we could interview so many women and couples who have gone through a personal journey with infertility. This HG Podcast is just one story, one testimony, of a woman and her story of hope and healing. Danielle Martens...

S2 Ep. 19 | Infertility: A Beginning of Hope with Jamie & Teresa

Infertility is a difficult and complex topic. In this episode of The Hormone Genius, Jamie & Teresa will begin to take a look at infertility through the lens of hope. We will explore the issue holistically, addressing both the medical and emotional issues that come with this difficult diagnosis. We hope this discussion brings hope and healing to those in the...

S2 Ep. 18 | Marquette Charting, Men's Fertility & Whole Mission Lauren Vitale

Lauren Vitale is a registered nurse and Marquette Method natural family planning instructor. She and her husband, Giovanni, co-founded Whole Mission, an online natural family planning education service. Through Whole Mission, Lauren works to connect couples with Marquette Method instructors, and provide technical and practical support for natural family plan...

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