S2 Ep. 30 | Opening Up on the Challenges of Natural Fertility Methods

Are you frustrated that everyone else is cheering on fertility awareness and NFP but you are not feeling the same? Do you feel alone in your struggles with living out natural fertility charting? You are not alone, and Jamie & Teresa want to open up about the common challenges that many women & couples experience using natural fertility methods. With everything in life that takes hard work, effort, and even a level of mastery; there is hard work, perseverance, even low moments that may seem like failure, BUT there is also great reward, great fulfillment, and success in small ways and big ways. So hold on to hope, and an open and real conversations about how living out our fertility journey can have great lows to great highs. You can work through these challenges with professional support, community, and coming together as women and men to support eachother in this journey. Medical disclaimer: The information presented in The Hormone Genius Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for actual medical or mental health advice from a doctor, psychologist, or any other medical or mental health professional.